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(1) Be a Member, Customer/Driver. Register your Driver or Customer account 

(2) Add a Valid Payment information. Credit Card ATM Card or Back account 
(3) Authorize Map Cabs to track your Location 
(4) Provide your current Location or Confirm your Location/Set your pick up Location.
(5) Request a Pick UP 
(6) Cancelled a Pick UP 
(7) Confirm Your Cancellation. Agreed with the Cancellation fee
(8) Provide the Destination  
(9) Schedule no Show Customer pay the fee 
(10) Schedule Driver no Show or late over 5 minutes, Driver pay the Customer a fee of one dollar a minute $1.00 MN Discount 
(11) Customer Change the Original Destination. Customer pay extra $3.00 per mile or driver set is rate for the new destination
(12) Customer request to stop on the way before drop off. Customer pay $5.00 for stop up to 5 minutes 
(13) Customer add Gust to the trip. Customer pay $5.to $20 for each Guest added or Driver set the rate for add
(14) Customer Dropped before the Original Destination. The Trip and the pay is prepaid non refund.
(15) Pay by Cash option. Yes Customer can pay Cash if the Driver have the change 
(17) Customer arrived at the destination. Driver Completed the trip by clicking Completed  
(18) Customer arrived at the destination. Customer Received the link to confirm the trip is completed and agreed to pay options. Cash/ Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Back account/ Map Cabs account. 
(19) Map Cabs Checking on the Customer Payment info every 90 days. The Member agreed to keep a valid Payment info to keep the account active
(20) Options to pay with Map Cabs account. Member can add money to map Cabs account to keep the account active and use the balance to pay for trip